Dr. Tony Branker

  • DC, MS, CCSP
  • Chiropractic - Sports Medicine - Health & Fitness
  • Dry Needling - Acupuncture - Cupping - A.R.T
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Dr. Branker has been my go-to Chiropractor for multiple years. His passion of care for his patients are unparalleled to any chiropractor I have visited prior. Furthermore, his specialization in working with performance athletes, Olympic weightlifters, and Powerlifters has served me well in working through my own injuries year after year in my training. Dr. Branker serves as a sponsor for Jin Training Systems, as well as UH Powerlifting and continues his philanthropic efforts through teaching educational courses, as well as servicing many of my referred athletes.


Victor Tran

Victor is an 83kg powerlifter who has been training for more than 2 years. He has a B.S. in Kinesiology and works as a Personal Trainer at the University of Houston.
Victor has been under my tutelage for over 2 years as a client and one of my former staff members. Victor brings an eager attitude to helping others develop the fundamentals of strength training and has become a success story of mine in completing an ACE Personal Training Course led by myself into eventually becoming a certified ACE Personal Trainer. Now Victor seeks to advance his coaching experience by serving as an Assistant Coach for the UH Powerlifting team.


Hung Anh Phan

  • BS Computer Information Systems
  • UH Powerlifting Assistant Coach
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Hung is a 93kg powerlifter who has been training and competing for over 2 years. He is pursuing a B.S. in Computer Information Systems and working part-time as a website developer right here at University of Houston.
Hung was a former client of mine turned coach after getting certified as a powerlifting coach. Through his dedicated efforts, Hung designs and manages Jin Training Systems website, as well as commits himself to serve the UH Powerlifting team as one of the assistant coaches.


Noble Vice Performance

Noble Vice Performance was started by two friends that wanted nothing more than to provide the best quality equipment for Powerlifting and other strength training endeavors. I currently use the Noble Vice Performance Combo Rack in my own home and am thankful for all the support from sponsors that I can proudly call friends.


UH Powerlifting

I have been a part of the University of Houston's Powerlifting team since its origin in 2014-2015. I became the Head Coach in 2017 and am continuing to educate and develop the team as an administrative adviser.